Straightener brush

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Name: Hot-906
Material: Ceramic
Voltage: DC110v-220v
Power : 29 W
Wire length: about 230cm
Usage: FAST HQT-906 - Electric Hair Straightener Brush
Braun Electric Brush Hair Straightener Comb. HQT-906Different settings of the straightener can provide you with various temperature settings to obtain straight hair. The straightener is equipped with an add-subtract key which can regulate temperature at “+” and “-” levels, which will increase temperature by 5 degrees Celsius per touch. It’s recommended that you select the highest temperature at first, and then decrease temperature level on the basis of your hair quality
Heating time / optimal styling time : 30 seconds
Straighten hair time: 5 seconds .
Comb it and become straight during 5 seconds

Retail Price: 1850